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NEL Optimising Use of Estates – Smart Energy Applications

By August 17, 2018Local Funding

Smart Energy, Greater Lincolnshire

Smart Energy, Greater Lincolnshire is a £9.2m project being delivered by North East Lincolnshire Council on behalf of Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise (LEP) in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences Trier’s Institut fur angewandtes Stroffstrommanagement (IfaS).

The aim is to reduce energy use and carbon output in businesses, council and other public sector owned buildings in the area.   The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) awarded £5.4m for the project, which started at the beginning of April 2018 and will be delivered over the next three years. Along with private sector investment, the funding will be used to set-up a one-stop shop to provide energy and low carbon services for SMEs as well as facilitating large-scale investment in public infrastructure.

Businesses – Application Form

Knowledge is power, and the programme offers business leaders a 12 hour energy education and training programme, plus up to £500 worth of energy saving products on completion.   For larger energy users, we offer grants towards include the installation of a new efficient heating system or ultra-low energy lighting.  By business, we mean any organisation which can show it is actively trading goods or services.   Check eligibility and apply at :  https://www.smartenergygreaterlincs.com/sms/

Public Buildings – Expression of Interest

Smart Energy, Greater Lincolnshire will soon open an application process for public building owners across North, North East, and Lincolnshire County (Greater Lincolnshire.)    We are seeking to fund projects which save significant usage of electricity and gas, or incorporate renewable energy.   Applicants will have to supply match funding, either by an application to the Salix Fund (interest free loan) or from their own resources.

We will work with applicants to establish that promising projects are able to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be deliverable within 2018, 2019 or at latest 2020, taking into account ERDF compliance requirements.
  2. Incorporate intelligent management and control systems.
  3. Utilise industry-leading technologies and go well beyond standard retrofit.
  4. Be suitable for public demonstration as a showcase.

To express check your eligibility as a public building, and to express interest so as to be contacted as soon as the application process goes live, please complete the form at  https://www.smartenergygreaterlincs.com/public-buildings/.

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