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National Vegetarian Week 2019 Grant

By January 17, 2019Funding Opportunities

Large grants deadline 3rd March; small grants 14th April

A fund to help support National Vegetarian Week community activities and events. Added to your enthusiasm, time, creativity and energy, a grant could make all the difference.

Who can apply?

Not for profit organisations in the UK (e.g. community groups, schools, housing associations, youth clubs, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts or Guides). Informal groups of friends, parents or students. Student vegetarian and vegan societies and other vegetarian and vegan groups.

How much are the grants for?

They are accepting applications for both large and small grants this year. Small grants should be up to £200 and large grants up to £2,000.


The deadline for large grants is Sunday 3 March

The deadline for small grants is Sunday 14 April

You will receive an email within seven days of the deadline to let you know whether or not your application was successful.

What does your activity or idea have to include?

It takes place in May 2019 It promotes National Vegetarian Week exclusively as the primary purpose of the funded activity. It celebrates and promotes delicious veggie food. Activities funded have to be exclusively vegetarian or vegan (so no non-vegetarian food or drink). They want events and activities to attract those beginning their vegetarian journey, meat-reducers and the veggie-curious, but also be inclusive of the wider vegetarian community.

For more information go to the website

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