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Local Pharmacies – Meeting the needs of residents

By October 17, 2017Consultations

Deadline 30th October

North East Lincolnshire Council are asking about pharmacy services in North East Lincolnshire to see if they meet the needs of the local residents.

These results will be used to review their ‘pharmaceutical needs assessment’ which in turn will have a 60 day consultation in the coming months.

Pharmacies have an important role in providing quality healthcare.  For the purposes of this survey, community pharmacies (also known as a chemist) mean places you would use to get a prescription or buy medicines which you can only get from a pharmacy (this could be for yourself or for someone else, and includes online pharmacies).  It doesn’t mean hospital pharmacies or the part of a pharmacy where you buy beauty or general products.

The council are in the process of refreshing their pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA) which assesses how the provision of pharmaceutical services meets the health needs of local residents, and would like residents to fill in this survey for them by 30th October  

Paper copies are available in Lincs Inspire libraries and the Council’s customer access points.

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