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Key Questions in Funding Applications

 We know how daunting it can be writing funding bids, especially if you haven’t got much experience, so here are a few tips on the information you should be thinking about and that funders would normally be expecting to see.  

Our colleagues in the VSI Alliance in Calderdale, (opens in a new tab) which includes our Sector Support Calderdale team, have put this guidance together and are happy to share it with the wider Forum membership. Particular thanks go to Pat Akerman 😊 

Please note you will not need to put something in about every one of the points they have included – they are simply there to guide you to think about how you might approach each question. Each funder has their own funding criteria and will phrase their questions differently or ask different questions, but here they have covered what they deem the main points for most funders.  

You can read the guidance as an online pdf here Key_Questions_in_Funding_Applications

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