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Keeping the same doctor reduces death risk, study finds

By July 3, 2018National News

From the Guardian

Continuity of care between a patient and the same doctor has many benefits.

Seeing the same doctor each time you need medical care might reduce your risk of death, research suggests.

Previous studies have revealed that so-called continuity of care is linked to a number of benefits, including patients following medical advice more closely, better uptake of vaccines and other preventive measures, and fewer emergency hospital admissions.

Now researchers say a link also appears to exist for mortality, suggesting the bond between patients and their doctors might be even more important than previously thought.

“Basically we are saying that at a time when the emphasis in the reports in the press are all about new machines and new technology, that this is an article that shows the human side of medicine is still very important and even a matter of life and death,” said Sir Denis Pereira Gray, first author of the research from St Leonard’s Practice, Exeter. 

You can read the rest of the article here

You can read the original report on the BMJ website

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