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Keeping People Who Are Autistic And/Or Have ADHD Connected

By May 20, 2020Local News

(For people aged 18+ who live in Hull, East Riding, North Lincs or North East Lincs and are autistic and/or have ADHD (either formally diagnosed or waiting for a diagnosis], and do not have a learning disability)

Many people who are autistic and/or have ADHD will become increasingly vulnerable during the current Covid-19 crisis. In response to this, the new “Keeping People who are Autistic and/or have ADHD Connected” project is being launched with a focus on people who are not known to services or are not accessing support. It aims to help this group of people by connecting with them during this current situation.

It is co-ordinated by Inclusion North, Humber Transforming Care and Matthew’s Hub. The project will run for 8 weeks from Wednesday 20th May – Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Matthew’s Hub will assess how safe a person is, what additional help they may need, and then support them to access this help. The individual will receive contact from specialist staff who will support them with understanding information relating to Covid 19, talk through their worries and offer reassurance. They may be signposted to local services to be able to access support with any practical issues, advice, and resources. If a person is in crisis, they will be referred to the appropriate services with the person’s consent.

If you or someone you know may benefit from this project, please contact Matthew’s Hub by:

Call/Text: 07857 351170 Email: gill@matthewshub.org or sophie@matthewshub.org

If the person consents and would prefer to be contacted by us, please email us their details with ‘Keeping People who are Autistic and/or have ADHD Connected’ as the subject. They will be given options for their preferred method of communication at initial contact. Follow up contact can be made if needed.

If you are not sure if a person is Autistic and/or has ADHD, but it is clear they are feeling isolated and in need, you can refer them to Matthew’s Hub

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