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KCOM Customer Support

By June 4, 2020Local News

A message from KCOM

At KCOM we’re committed to treating all our customers with understanding and respect, including those who are in a vulnerable situation. We know there are many causes of vulnerability, either on a long term or a temporary basis.

It can be caused by age, injury or illness; life events such as bereavement and divorce; or circumstances such as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We aim to provide help and assistance wherever we can. We understand it’s particularly important at the moment that people can stay connected with their friends, family, health care providers and support agencies, either on the phone or online.

If you have received a letter from the Government because you are a shielded patient, or if you are in a vulnerable situation and feel you need extra support for any other reason, please let us know.

The ways we can help you during the coronavirus pandemic include:

  • Arranging a priority engineer visit if there is a problem with your KCOM phone or internet service
  • Putting special payment arrangements in place if you are in financial difficulty
  • Making low-cost internet access available so you can do whatever you need to online, whether that’s a consultation with your doctor or booking a shopping delivery

Supporting you

You can see the support we’re providing to customers during the pandemic at: www.kcomgroupltd.com/covid-19

You can see the full range of additional support we can provide at: www.kcomhome.com/support/accessibility

Please contact us on 01482 602168 or at care@kcom.com  if we can help with these or any other aspect of our services.

We’ll record that you’ve needed support, so the next time you call we’ll already be aware that you may need support in the future.

If you find it difficult to contact us you may also nominate someone else who is able to talk to us on your behalf. Of course, we’ll treat your information in the strictest confidence according to data protection laws and we won’t share it with anyone else.

You can download and print a pdf poster of this information to share and display here KCOM support for customers

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