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Irish Youth Foundation UK 

Deadline 1st May   

The Irish Youth Foundation is an independent charity formed in Ireland in 1985.  The Irish Youth Foundation (UK) was established in 1989. 

The Foundation supports projects that work to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people and children aged between 0-30 years in England, Scotland and Wales and 0-25 years in Northern Ireland, with particular emphasis on those of Irish heritage. A wide range of projects are funded, which should address the following areas: 

  • Training/counselling. 
  • Drug rehabilitation. 
  • Advice/advocacy. 
  • Youth work. 
  • Family support. 
  • Homelessness. 
  • Educational, cultural and social activities. 
  • Cross-community initiatives. 
  • Travellers. 
  • Disability. 

For more information go to the website  (opens in a new tab)

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