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Improving the impact of health services on families of children with enduring physical needs

By March 27, 2017Consultations

The charity Action for Sick Children has asked the University of Salford to find out from families how health services work for them when they have a child with enduring physical health needs. That might be a matter of disability, long-term health condition, or a problem that has been present from birth, for example.

The outcomes of this project will be used to improve children’s health services.  Katie Fenton, the Action for Sick Children PhD student, would like parents to scan some information to see if they might like to take part in this research to ensure that the family’s view is brought to the front.

Click here for more information and to take part in the survey

 The survey can also be completed on paper or over the phone.

For more information please contact Katie Fenton,   Email k.fenton1@edu.salford.ac.uk  or ring 07541 314 485

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