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Important advice and support for reporting cases of Covid -19 at your business (Hull)

By August 3, 2020Local News

A message from Julia Weldon, Director of Public Health at Hull City Council

“You will no doubt be aware of the inherent Covid-19 transmission risks in all workplaces as a result of increasing contact and social interaction between colleagues, visitors, customers or from other sites in the supply chain. This can involve person-to-person spread or involve people touching contaminated surfaces or objects.

“Hull City Council can help you mitigate the risks to your business and deal with any problems that arise promptly, and with the minimum amount of disruption to essential business operations. By notifying us of any suspected or confirmed cases, you will receive additional support and practical advice with any Covid-19 cases as they emerge.

“The aim is to have in place an early identification and response process to aid the gathering of local intelligence on the virus and to reduce the likelihood or impact of potential local outbreaks or clusters. This is very important in protecting your business, workforce and the wider community.”

How to report positive cases

Contact Hull City Council Public Protection Team by sending an e-mail to FoodandHealth&Safety@hullcc.gov.uk

Please include a named contact and a telephone number if that is how you prefer to be contacted

Once you have let them know that you have cases to report, their officers will contact you to assess the situation by asking a series of questions, which will allow them to tailor advice to the particular risks in your business.

It would be helpful to have any relevant information at hand including the following details:

  • the name and address of your workplace
  • a main point of contact within your organisation
  • total numbers affected (staff and/or customers)
  • numbers tested and confirmed as positive for Covid-19
  • numbers suspected i.e. showing symptoms of Covid-19 within a 14-day period
    symptoms reported
  • date(s) when symptoms or notification started
  • whether the affected staff regularly have contact with customers, including other sites
  • whether any customers have reported symptoms
  • whether Government guidance for safe working practices has been implemented

Reporting outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The number of your Local Health Protection Team is:
09.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday: 0113 3860300
7.00 – 21.00 Monday to Friday and weekends: 0114 3049843

Government Guidance on Covid-19 Early Outbreak Management (opens in a new tab)

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