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Hull City Council Budget Briefing – VCS follow-up meeting

By January 13, 2020Local News, News

Hull City Council held their annual budget briefing with representatives from the voluntary and community sector on 9 January 2020.

A one-year funding settlement has now been agreed with central Government and there will be a further spending review later in the year.

At this stage the Council do not anticipate any significant changes to current funding to the voluntary and community sector.

There are some clear priority areas for Hull City Council over the next year including:

  • Adult Social Care
  • Children’s Services
  • Staff training

There is also a recognition that there needs to be a focus on community based services linked to prevention and early intervention.

Hull City Council were keen to emphasise that they saw the voluntary and community sector as playing an important role in delivering services in the future, particularly within local communities. This includes gaining a better understanding of what exists already and how this supports the key priorities for the City.

Over the next year the Council are planning to look at how it commissions and funds services and are committed to looking at options to make services more sustainable over a longer period. In the long term there is a plan to look at how services from the voluntary and community sector can be commissioned in a more integrated way alongside NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and other partners.

One of the key points raised was the need to develop improved communication between Hull City Council and the wider sector, so that there could be a better understanding of what exists already and how the sector can be more involved in the future.

In order to help move this work forward NBF is looking to host a sector event in the near future to share some ideas and look at how people can work together more effectively. It is important that this reflects the needs of both larger organisations and smaller community groups.

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