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How young people fit in to their neighbourhoods

By July 30, 2019National News

How close do you feel to your neighbourhood? With much of our lives having moved online, there is a perception that people have become detached from their local community.

Young people – as the biggest users of the internet and social media – are thought to be most likely to forego conversation in person for their phone or device.

But last year’s Ofcom communications report (PDF, 12,21MB) showed that most people of all ages see the internet as important for maintaining personal relationships, while recognising that it hampers face-to-face communications.

So, is it fair to single young people out, or are we all losing touch with our community?

The ONS have analysed data from the Community Life Survey to understand how young people engage with their local area, compared with the rest of the adult population.

To see the results go to the ONS website

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