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How digital has helped charities cope with COVID-19 – early findings from the Charity Digital Skills Report

By June 19, 2020National News

A summary of how COVID-19 is beginning to change the sector, based on data collected for the Charity Digital Skills Report, the annual barometer of digital progress across the sector. 

The full report, with in-depth analysis on how digital skills, leadership, governance and strategy are changing across the sector will be launched in early July.  

They asked charities how the pandemic is changing their charity’s operations in terms of digital and were told that: 

  • 66% are delivering all work remotely 
  • 61% have an increased need to train and support our staff and volunteers to use digital tools 
  • 61% will be offering more online services 
  • 47% are collaborating/sharing learning with others around digital 
  • 34% are changing some people’s roles to accommodate new responsibilities 
  • 28% are developing virtual fundraising events 
  • 21% have cancelled services because they don’t have the skills or tech to deliver them 
  • 15% have cancelled services because their users lack the skills or tech to make use of them online 

There are some positive signs here about how the sector is using digital to innovate. The fact that two thirds of charities are delivering all work remotely, and that almost half (47%) are collaborating and sharing digital learning with others is promising. 

However the fact that 36% have cancelled services because either their charity or their users don’t have the necessary skills or tech is worrying. 

You can read the rest of this summary on the Catalyst website (opens in a new tab) 

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