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How Covid-19 has magnified some of social care’s key problems

By September 14, 2020National News

In 2019 The King’s Fund discussed eight key problems facing social care and called for reforms to address them.

Now, the Covid-19 pandemic has shone an uncompromising light on the sector, its staff and the people of all ages who use its services. As the sector emerges slowly into a new normal, fearful of a second wave while still trying to make sense of the first, it’s time to take stock. Analysis is difficult because of a lack of up-to-date, quantitative data and the ongoing nature of the pandemic. Nonetheless, in six of those eight areas, Covid-19 has brought significant change and, if anything, exacerbated these challenges.

Those areas are:

  • means testing
  • catastrophic costs
  • unmet need
  • quality of care
  • workforce pay and conditions
  • market fragility
  • disjointed care
  • the ‘postcode lottery’.

You can read the full analysis here

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