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How charities can work better with local commissioners

By July 3, 2019National News

From Civil Society

Alison Haskins, chief executive of Halifax Opportunities Trust, discusses her charity’s positive experience of partnering with Calderdale council and calls on other local authorities to adopt Locality’s Keep It Local principles.

“Over the years more and more of our public services have ended up in large outsourcing contracts, provided by multi-national companies. They have seen services scaled up and standardised. While this may have provided some short term budgetary relief for councils, it is not helping long-term, harder-to-solve problems.

“Rising demand and the increasingly complex nature of need have been placing services such as social care under strain and facing crisis.

“Despite the rhetoric regarding market-driven innovation, it is hard to see this in over-stretched public services delivered by a private profit mind-set where people are the passive recipients of services rather than equal partners in delivery. I often use the analogy of a sausage machine, where people are seen as inputs and outputs which meet targets related to financial incentives rather than complex, able and unique individuals.”

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