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Highways – New major projects engagement process NELC

The way the Council engages with the public on major highways projects has changed. Many of their intentions for future projects are published in the Highways Strategy or Infrastructure Delivery Plan. The projects published in these documents are intended to go ahead at some point in the future but will be subject to  securing grant funding for any upgrades.

They are taking comments and suggestions for projects that have not yet made it to the drawing board to give the public the earliest opportunity to have their say. It is possible that comments may not be used if a project never goes ahead or the opportunity to bid does not arise.

Pre-bid comments can be submitted here: Potential Major Highways Projects – comments form.

Any project that has grant funding approved will also go through a formal consultation process on the draft design. The process for these schemes is short, straightforward to follow and available here: Major Projects Engagement Process. It also details how elected members are involved in the process.

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