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Hidden Heritage Project

By May 15, 2018Local News

What is it?

The Equality Practice are running ‘The Hidden Heritage Project’ whch aims to tell the stories of people who came to North East Lincolnshire from other countries, to share and celebrate with others how much value immigrants have added to our area.

What to Expect as a Participant

  1. An arranged 1-2 hour meeting at your convenience. At that meeting, They will record your story and take copies of any photos, documents or objects you would like to share.  (Anything loaned to Equality Practice, will be returned.)
  2.  Then a write up a transcript of the conversation and send it to you for approval. Anything you do not want to include, they will take out.
  3. On your agreement, they may research your history. This will be more about the country and times you lived in when you/your family were younger.
  4. On your agreement, they may write a short story about you to include in a book aimed primarily at schools to be used in lessons and help young people understand more about our community.
  5. On your agreement, they may video the interview. This will be aimed primarily at schools to help in lessons.
  6. On your agreement, they may use some of the interview in an exhibition, to which you will be invited.
  7. All documents, audios, films and books will be filed in the local historical archive. You will receive a copy of everything we do.

Please note, at no time, will your personal data, i.e. address, email or contact details be given out.

Equality Practice are collecting stories between June-July, 2018.  Please feel free to get in touch at:  info@theequalitypractice.co.uk

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