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Heritage Impact Fund

By February 27, 2019Funding Opportunities

The Architectural Heritage Fund are offering loans from £25,000 to £500,000 for up to three years with tailored terms and both flexible and incentivised interest rates for impactful projects. These could include both capital and interest repayment holidays.

They support applicants across the UK who are undertaking a capital project or are looking to build upon or scale-up an existing enterprise.

Business Support

They are able to offer additional expert support, advice and mentoring to applicants to support sustainable business change and to help drive their long-term social and economic impact through our capacity building service: RePlan.


The HIF offers incentivised terms to provide greater assistance to those organisations and projects that will deliver enhanced local economic and community impact. Our terms are flexible and competitive, with rates and fees which vary depending upon your circumstances.  The headline interest rate is 6%.

They can also offer assistance in helping you assess the impact of your project.

Who can apply?

They provide funds to applicants across the UK seeking to acquire, reuse or redevelop buildings which are of historic or architectural importance – these may be buildings which are listed, in a Conservation Area, or may be of special significance to the community. The end use should be financially viable and help support the objectives of the organisation and provide impact to or benefits for the communities in which the buildings are based.

To apply, you must be a formally constituted and incorporated charity, community business or social enterprise whose members have limited liability.

The long-term viability of any project or enterprise is as crucial when considering an application as it is to you, and so loans usually require some form of security, most usually a first legal charge. However, in certain circumstances they are able to offer loans where no security is available.

How to Apply

It will be helpful to speak to a member of the AHF’s Investment Team for advice and guidance in the first instance. If your project is one which they would like to support, you will be encouraged to apply and then supported throughout the application process throughout.

Applications can be made at any time.

Please complete an Initial Enquiry Form so that they can get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can also email  hif@ahfund.org.uk or call  020 7925 0199.

For more information go to the website

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