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Grant-giving charities face increased demand for help, says representative body

By January 30, 2020Funding Opportunities

From Civil Society

The number of people seeking help from charities following an unexpected change in circumstances has risen over the last four years, according to research from the Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO).

ACO, which represents more than 120 charities that provide financial support in the form of grants, believes that nearly half a million people turned to charities for help in the last financial year.

Around a quarter of ACO members responded to a survey, which found more than 100,000 people applied for financial help in the last financial year. When extrapolated across the ACO’s membership base, it is estimated at least 400,000 people applied for financial help.

In 2015, the charities collectively distributed more than £56m in grants, a figure which rose to more than £60m last year.

The umbrella body found that its members are also seeing an increase in supporting applicants requiring other types of support.

In 2015, 60,584 people received non-financial aid, a figure which increased to 93,308 in 2018.

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