Hilden Charitable Fund
Deadline to apply 11th July 2024
Size of Grant Up to £7,000
Fund Type Community
About the funding

This fund is open to charitable organisations working in the areas of penal affairs and asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

Open’s 30th May 2024

The UK funding streams are aimed at activities which fall under one of two programme areas:

  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Organisations working to provide essential services which help meet the needs of asylum seekers and refugees and support their integration/participation in the wider community.
  • Penal Affairs: Work “through the door” where organisations go into prisons with projects and support to help prisoners (especially women) cope and/or maintain family bonds and to be better able to resettle positively when released. Post-release projects which support positive settlement and reduce the risk of re-offending are also welcomed.
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