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Footnotes on Equality – an exhibition

By August 19, 2019Local News

Footnotes on Equality  is an exhibition created by fifteen international researchers as part of the European Commission-funded project Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe (GRACE) and Footnotes on Equality. The exhibition curates an eclectic collection of art and everyday objects that speak to cultural productions of (in)equalities across Europe.

In their gender research throughout the EU, the GRACE researchers have been encountering ongoing struggles to build equalities at community levels, through social movements and in dialogue with governmental policy and legislation. They have collected objects out of these situations as cultural props to tell stories about the ways in which (in)equalities are both experienced and resisted.

The collection includes an array of material including field notes, audio and visual recordings, transcriptions, artworks, and readymade objects all arising from the diverse research conducted through the GRACE project. From an analysis of Hull as a City of Culture, to women’s experiences of boxing in the UK, from thinking about LGBTQ rights celebrations and their material traces, to a study of feminist and anti-racist solidarity networks; and from an exploration of war and memory of the Syrian uprising, to Islamic feminisms, the researchers share their investigations of in/equalities in European contexts through Footnotes on Equality.

The exhibition highlights the desire to question current mainstream notions of equality in Europe and to show that struggles are ongoing and incomplete. The title ‘Footnotes’ emphasizes the object collection as evidence, additional support, critique, alternative perspectives, diverse insights and anecdotes that supplement academic readings.

The exhibition, which is hosted by Artlink , based at 87 Princes Avenue Hull, opens on 6th September and runs until 11th October

For more information go to the Artlink website

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