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Deadline 15th February

Firstfruits is a grant making Christian charity established in 2013 to support and assist individuals and families in crisis

Their priorities are:

  • Helping people who are disadvantaged by reasons of poverty, ill health, age, financial hardship, or disability
  • Supporting people in crisis situations due to the above reasons to help give them a hope and a future
  • Supporting Christian charities and organisations that demonstrate and spread the love of Jesus in practical ways

They are able to provide:

  • Regular grants
  • One off grants
  • Gifts/support in kind

Trustees meet on the quarterly basis of March, June, September and December to consider grant applications. Successful applicants will be informed shortly after the meeting and the grant paid. We will request an impact report from all organisations who receive grants.

The closing date for each quarter is the 15th day of the month prior to the meeting, for example the closing date for the March meeting is the 15th February.

For more information go to their website

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