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Fareshare Hull & Humber is looking for New Members

By February 11, 2019Local News

FareShare Hull & Humber is run by The Goodwin Development Trust. It redistributes surplus food from the food industry to more than 100 organisations throughout the region – with more signing up every day to become Community Food Members (CFMs). This means that FareShare Hull and Humber’s network of CFMs is now feeding more than 12,000 people who are directly affected by food poverty.

How FareShare works

Every week, FareShare Hull & Humber receives tonnes of surplus food from the food industry at their depot on Malmo Rd in Hull. This food is of excellent quality and is surplus for a whole number of reasons ranging from incorrect bar coding to over-manufacture – never because it is out of date. They in turn deliver that food every week to their network of 111 Community Food Members (CFMs) who are working with disadvantaged people throughout the region.

Each week CFMs can order food using a simple online system and Fareshare deliver it

The food FareShare delivers is used by our Community Food Members in a variety of ways – which range from cooking basic meals and offering nutrition tuition to offering food parcels to struggling families or meal-on-wheels for the elderly and vulnerable.

Talk FareShare about how it could work for you – they can also put you in touch with other Community Food members who can tell you themselves how much of a positive impact FareShare has had both on the people they work with and also on their overheads – on average a Community Food Member can save up to £13,000 per annum on food bills.

If you are interested in finding out any more information, please contact Jodie Colgrave who will be happy to show you around the depot so you can get a better idea of what food is available and how they can support your organisation: jcolgrave@goodwintrust.org or call 01482 337999

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