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Environment Agency 5 year plan published

By July 9, 2020National News

Published 9th July 

The Environment Agency has launched its 5 year plan for reaching a greener, healthier future. 

Returning to business as usual after the Coronavirus pandemic won’t be enough to address the challenges of the future, warns Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency. 

Instead of working to return to a world we once knew, the Environment Agency has set out how it plans to lead the way toward a greener, healthier future. 

Its new 5 year plan, EA2025, calls for a new approach which promotes health, equity and environmental enhancement and says that the Coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity to reshape a better future. It can help society better understand the largest public health threat of the century: climate change. 

By 2025 the Environment Agency aims to have created more climate resilient places and infrastructure, by ensuring the nation is prepared for flooding, coastal change and drought. 

The plan also highlights a renewed focus on improving the health of air, land and water for people and nature – and ensuring green growth for a sustainable future. 

You can read the plan here as an online pdf (opens in a new tab) 

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