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East Riding Council launch campaign to help with COVID-19 isolation drinking

By June 17, 2020Local News

It’s easy to drink more than usual whilst social distancing. You may be feeling more anxious or worried than normal and drinking more to help with this. But, alcohol can actually make feelings of anxiety and worry worse. It can reduce the quality of your sleep and have a bad impact on your mental and physical health.

Make connections: Reach out and talk to professionals, family or friends who can help you to feel better.

Enjoy your free time: Make the most of your time by trying new foods, exercise, hobbies and interests.

Create a new routine: Plan your day and stay motivated with alcohol-free treats to keep you on track.

Sleep well: Soothe yourself with a warm drink, restful music or a good book to aid sleep.

You can find information and support here (opens in a new tab)

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