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Don’t be a victim of ‘Insolvency Service’ telephony scam

By April 4, 2018National News

The Insolvency Service has been made aware of a scam where members of the public are receiving telephone messages to make unscheduled and unnecessary calls to the Insolvency Service.

Not only are unsuspecting members of the public being asked to make unnecessary calls but they are being asked to dial a telephone number that although does connect to the Insolvency Service, is not one of our official numbers and is a premium-rate number that costs a lot of money.

The scam appears to be instigated by a website based outside of the UK, helplinecall.com, which provides direct telephone numbers of businesses in the UK but when used, will cost the caller a lot of money.

Read tips that will help prevent you being made another victim of telephony scams on the Government website

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