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Donations of stock down due to Brexit fears, warns charity

By July 30, 2019National News

From Civil Society

Brexit uncertainty is forcing companies to stockpile products they would normally donate to charity, the chief executive of In Kind Direct has warned. In Kind Direct is a charity which collects surplus stock and redistributes it to other charities.

Chief executive Robin Boles said that charities and vulnerable people are suffering due to a change in the level of donations. “As we move ever closer to leaving the EU, we are seeing a drop in donations as our donor companies are forced to hold on to stock that would normally be donated to us,” she said. “Without these products we fear that many of the charities in our network will be forced to close their doors or reduce the service they are able to provide and this will have a massive impact on the millions of vulnerable people they support. And this is all before any issue of tariffs arises.”

There are fears that charities could suffer as a result of tariffs, an uncertainty surrounding essential goods running out, and concerns about delays at customs borders.

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