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Disrespect NoBody Campaign

By May 17, 2018National News

The Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) Association and the Home Office have launched new and improved teaching resources which support the government’s Disrespect NoBody campaign.

The campaign aims to help young people:
•    understand what a healthy relationship is and;
•    re-think their views of controlling behaviour, violence, abuse, sexual abuse and what consent means within their relationships

It also aims to help young people develop key skills and attributes such as empathy, respect, communication and negotiation so that they can enjoy healthy relationships as they grow up and in adulthood. By promoting healthy attitudes and behaviours at an early age, the campaign seeks to challenge damaging ones and prevent the onset of domestic violence in adults in the long term.

The resources (which are free to download here) have been developed in consultation with PSHE teachers and include:
•    A campaign discussion guide
•    Discussion guides, lesson plans and ready-made template slide decks on three topics: relationship abuse, sharing sexual images and consent
•    Interactive classroom activities, including agony aunt responses, true or false questions and myth busting activities

Additional resources on how to use the Disrespect NoBody campaign with 8 – 12 and 16 – 18 year olds are also available.

For more information about the campaign go to the website

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