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Chamberlain Business Centre, Chamberlain Rd, Hull HU8 8HL, UK

Act Now is a social media app for mobile phones, that works in a similar way to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but is entirely dedicated to pinpointing the identity of plastic pollution, brands and Geolocations, where members can post a Photo of the plastic litter that they find and add this to the Act Now timeline, where other members can comment, support and share content across other social media sites to embarrass/tag the brands and identify the location of the plastic that they find. Members can also create social or organisation groups, where they can invite friends, view a leader-board of groups, to see their ranking, support, totals and comments.

Hull (all)

St. Michael’s welcomes everyone. We offer a range of activities for everybody and anybody as individuals and as part of their families. Of course everyone is welcome to ‘muck in’ to make St. Michael’s an inclusive and loving community for everyone. If there is something we don’t currently offer then come along and make it happen.

St. Michael’s plays an integrated and active part in the wider community, being a part of the village life in times of celebration and times of grief. All our regular worshipers are involved in their communities beyond the church’s regular activities and many in the village have an active interest in the church beyond Sunday worship.

East Riding of Yorkshire

We are a community farm (with a range of farm animals) open to the public for free visits.

We have always provided day placements for adults with learning difficulties and/or mental health issues who are able to fund these placements through social services.

We have become a part of the Connect Well (Hull) project because of our history of helping people who perhaps have low self-esteem, depression or loneliness issues, or perhaps just want to feel less isolated while carrying out healthy outdoor activities around farming and gardening.

The Connect Well project allows us to offer short (eight week) programmes of activities here at the farm and experience a range of the day to day work activities that we carry out here in a non-pressured friendly atmosphere and hopefully gain some of the therapeutic benefits that we regularly see in our long term clients.

Hull - East
St Peters Street Hull, HU9 1AA

Rooted in Hull aims to promote and educate local people about food: how to grow veg, nutritional content, health diet choices, as well as basic construction, gardening and other agricultural volunteering tasks.

They will soon have an onsite shop and café

Hull - East
882 Holderness Road, Hull HU9 3LP

To further the Object of The Boys’ Brigade and in doing so to help and educate children and young people in their leisure time activities to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities that they grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that they improve their standards and conditions of life undertaking a programme of activity and any such methods which may include sports, adventure and learning to be of value in the personal development of its members.

Hull - East
Unit C, Preston Road Village Centre, Hull HU9 3QB

Working with residents to alleviate food and fuel poverty.  Working under the following themes:

Food:  Hull Community Shop (affordable food project) and cooking on a budget sessions

Energy:  Practical energy support and advice

Growing:  Developing community allotments and gardens

Nature:  Building homes to roost and environmental heritage (primarily with children)

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), North East Lincolnshire
12th Avenue, Hull HU6 9JG, United Kingdom

Engaging BME communities in particular at grassroots level through listening, sharing and ultimately bringing them together to find solutions to Recycling & waste, energy-saving, local food production etc, and further develop and deliver environmental education-interpretation training programmes to BME groups and centres in Hull and East riding of Yorkshire.

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
Wyton Rd, Preston HU12 8TY, United Kingdom

Workers Co-operative, working with adults with a learning disability – gardening and grounds maintenance service

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
Alderman Kneeshaw Park Hull

Improving facilities at Alderman Kneeshaw Park

Hull - East
Low Mill Ln, Brough HU15 2NR, United Kingdom

Horticultural work and day care for people with special needs

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
Constable Street Field, Hull, United Kingdom

Supporting sustainable living at a community level; Allotments, community growing, seed swap

Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Rural Policy & Partnerships team, Room CF55, County Hall, Beverley, United Kingdom

Independent advisory body providing advice on improvement of public access to land for recreation and enjoyment

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, JG10

Developing the waterways in partnership with govt, communities and vol orgs

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North

Day care opportunities for disabled and those with mental health issues. Activities include animal care, horticulture, woodland and orchard work and building and construction

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull (all), Hull - East, Hull - west, Hull - North
The Courtyard, Boothferry Rd, Goole

Provides volunteering opportunities – offering training in gardening and horticulture

East Riding of Yorkshire
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