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Creative Civic Change programme

Deadline: 28th September 2018 for Stage One – Community Call out

  • Amounts: between £50,000 and £300,000 per area over three years, there will be a substantial and inspiring support programme of mentoring, coaching, peer-to-peer support, networking and guidance.  A minimum of 10 communities across England will be supported.  Some will already be part of the Big Local programme. Some won’t be but will share similar needs and characteristics to Big Local areas


  • Who is the programme for?

Extract from web information:

‘…areas will already have some experience of how important the arts and creativity can be in getting people involved and enthusiastic about making positive change locally. We want the programme to show what can be achieved in areas when creativity and imagination are used to build on the great things that already exist in local areas, whether that’s community groups, buildings or activities. 

In your area, you will have people who are committed to using the arts and creativity to engage people and to make positive change locally. We want to know how you think about the arts and creativity and what you might include – whether knitting, singing, drama, dancing, pottery, sewing, writing stories or poems, storytelling, making jewellery, animation, making music, coding, photography (including Instagramming), woodcraft, gardening, cake decorating, film making, community radio, putting on festivals, parades and much more.

We want to help you use any or all of these activities – and the many others not listed here – to achieve your vision for your community. That could mean bringing people together; building connections; improving your local environment; or expressing the pride you have locally and your hopes for the future. In short, we want local communities to take the lead and for you to tell us what your priorities are, so we can support you as you plan and work to achieve them creatively.’

  • Criteria:

Creative Civic Change is open to local communities in England. Local could mean anything from a few streets or part of an estate, to a neighbourhood or a cluster of villages (but it must be an area smaller than a local authority).

They are looking for expressions of interest from those who are already part of the Big Local initiative, and those who are not but share similar characteristics.

They are most interested in local communities in England which have often been overlooked for funding in the past, and may face some or all of these issues:

  • the decline of local industry
  • high levels of unemployment
  • a pressing need for services or activities
  • a high proportion of children in poverty
  • people in the area in poor health relative to the general population
  • or other characteristics that demonstrate need. 

PLEASE NOTE – this fund might be suitable for several smaller applications and it doesn’t appear that they will only accept one per local authority area.

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