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COVID on the rise in the UK

By September 10, 2020National News

From the ZOE project

“In the last few days we have seen a worrying trend with the number of COVID cases across the UK starting to rise, and we wanted to share this data with you at the same time we share it with the government. We also want to ask for your help, as we need more people logging in your area if we are to prevent things getting out of control.

“When we launched the app at the end of March, the UK was in the eye of the pandemic. Our data estimated over 2 million COVID cases at the start of April. However, because of lockdown these cases fell dramatically to levels of around 1,000 – 2,000 per day where they remained stable as we emerged from full lockdown in mid June.

“However, for the first time since mid June we have seen numbers rise above 2,500 daily new cases, and there are currently 2,924 daily new cases of COVID in the UK. We are also seeing the estimated prevalence numbers rising too, with nearly 30,000 estimated Symptomatic COVID cases in the UK right now.

“The trend we are seeing is a reminder that COVID is still with us and your data is as important as ever to continue to help us fight this virus and avoid another full lockdown.”

The app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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