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COVID-19 and the impact on social care

By July 9, 2020National News

As the Coronavirus pandemic has developed, carers and those receiving care have been significantly affected. The ONS has undertaken several pieces of analysis looking at the impact on social care patients, care staff and those with caring responsibilities. Sophie John examines the overall picture of findings so far: 

The impact on those working in the care sector 

Health and social care workers are the largest proportion of key worker occupations, making up 31% of these roles while 15% of key workers are identified to be at moderate risk from COVID-19, mostly due to certain health conditions such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes.  

Using the Coronavirus infection survey, ONS found that people working in patient-facing roles like NHS professionals and nursing home or care home workers had a higher positive COVID-19 test rate (1.58%) than those who work in non-patient facing roles (0.27% tested positive). 

To read the full blog go to the ONS website (opens in a new tab) 

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