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Counselling for Children and Young People aged 10-19. 2018 – 2021

By September 11, 2018Tenders

Deadline 5th October

Kingston upon Hull City Council (the Authority) invites qualified and interested suppliers to tender for the provision of a contract for:Counselling for Children and Young People aged 10-19 .

The provision of counselling for Children and young people aged 10-19 is part of the targeted plus level of provision within the Head-Start Hull Delivery Model. Targeted plus support offers a menu of targeted interventions which school and community based services can access for children, young people and families.

Targeted plus interventions offer provision for where a need is identified which cannot be addressed by the referring service.

The Counselling Service is a city-wide project that will deliver one to one therapeutic interventions and, where appropriate, therapeutic group work.

The counselling for 10-16 year olds will be funded by HeadStart Hull and the counselling for 17-19 year olds will be funded from the early help commissioning budgets.

The service will be provided in the community through a hub and spoke model of delivery where children and young people can be seen in a city centre location as well as in school and locality based community venues to ensure the service is accessible to all young people who need it.

For more information and to express an interest go to YORtender

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