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Coronavirus UK: BAME women suffer harder financial hit

By June 8, 2020National News

From the Guardian 

Black, Asian and minority ethnic women in the UK are suffering greater financial and psychological consequences from the coronavirus pandemic than their white counterparts, polling suggests. 

Research has already shown that BAME people are at more risk of dying from Covid-19 than white Britons. Now data collected by Survation on behalf of the Fawcett Society suggests they are suffering other effects disproportionately. 

Of people who were not in employment due to disability or were retired, more than three times as many BAME women as white women reported that they had recently lost support from the government (42.5% versus 12.7%). 

Overall, BAME women as a whole were most likely to believe they would end up in more debt after the outbreak, struggle to make ends meet in the next three months, and be worried about how to pay the rent or mortgage, the analysis, to be published on Monday, found. They also reported the lowest levels of life satisfaction and happiness. 

You can read the full report on the Fawcett Society website (opens in a new tab) 

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