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Coronavirus and the social impacts on young people in Great Britain: 3 April to 10 May 2020

By June 22, 2020National News

Published 22nd June  

The main points from this Office for National Statistics report are:  

  • Among young people (aged 16 to 29 years) who were worried about the effect the coronavirus (COVID-19) was having on their lives, their main concerns were the effects on schools or universities (24%), their well-being (22%), work (16%) and household finances (16%). 
  • For those young people (aged 16 to 29 years) who reported that the coronavirus was affecting their work, the most commonly reported impacts were a reduction in hours worked (21%), concerns about health and safety at work (18%) and having been asked to work from home (19%). 
  • Other than being unable to attend their educational establishments, most young people who reported an impact on schools or universities expressed concerns about the uncertainty over exams and qualifications (58%), the quality of education being affected (46%) and a move to homeschooling (18%). 
  • Young people who reported that their well-being was being affected were much more likely than either those aged 30 to 59 years or those aged 60 years and over to report being bored (76%) and lonely (51%); they were also much more likely to say the lockdown was making their mental health worse (42%). 
  • Young people were generally more optimistic than the older age groups about how long they expected the effect of the pandemic to last, and over half of them (55%) reported they expect their lives to return to normal within six months 

You can read the full report here (opens in a new tab) 

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