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Coronavirus and the social impacts on behaviours during different lockdown periods, Great Britain: up to February 2021

By February 10, 2021National News

Published 5th February

The main points from this ONS report are

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020:

  • the proportion of adults working from home is now at similar levels compared with May and June, towards the end of the spring lockdown, and higher than through the autumn, including the winter 2020 restrictions
  • more people are reporting staying at home or only leaving for basic needs during the early-2021 lockdown than during the winter 2020 restrictions, but this is lower than in the spring 2020 lockdown
  • the proportion of people meeting up in a personal place are similar to the spring 2020 lockdown, but meetings in public places are slightly higher in early-2021 lockdown compared with spring
  • compliance with hands, face, space guidance has remained high through autumn into the new year, with more people reporting they maintain social distancing
  • well-being measures suggest that the pandemic is taking its toll on people’s mental health, with feelings of life satisfaction, happiness and feeling that things are worthwhile dropping with the early 2021 lockdown
  • optimism about when life will return to normal declined with the early-2021 lockdown

For more information go to the ONS website

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