About the grants

The Connect Well social prescribing grants fund is a targeted grant pot (funded by NHS Hull CCG and Hull City Council’s Adult Services, and Public Health), which aims to support the provision of the Connect Well social prescribing service in Hull.

It does this by seeking to fund organisations and individuals who can fill identified gaps in services and activities for adults aged 16 and over. Funded projects will be added to the Connect to Support website.

A panel made up of representatives of the CCG and Hull City Council meets four times a year to set priorities and allocate funding.

What is social prescribing?

Many people go to their GP with ailments and social issues that the GP cannot fully address. Either the medical help offered is only part of the solution, or the underlying issues that cause people to visit their GP are not actually medical in origin. Social prescribing is a way that GPs can pass people on to be helped to access a range of services and activities to support them for example with fitness, healthy lifestyles, combatting isolation and loneliness, managing stress and anxiety and much much more.

Have a look at the NHS Hull CCG information page about social prescribing.

Please read our FAQs here

Who can apply?

Applications are welcomed from voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises, as well as small businesses and sole traders who can offer projects and activities that meet the fund’s outcomes and the priorities set in each round. There are no restrictions on previous applicants applying again in future rounds, whether or not their previous applications were successful.

Projects funded to date include:

  • Zumba and dance classes for people who wouldn’t be able to pay to join in
  • Training to support carers looking after a relative with dementia
  • Community gardening schemes that members of the public can participate in
  • Lunch clubs for isolated older people

Organisations and individuals funded include local voluntary organisations and social enterprises, individual dance teachers, and branches of national charities.

How can we apply?

Application forms and guidance will be available on this page as each round opens. Simply read the guidance, and complete the application form, which must be submitted by email, by the stated deadline.

To be certain never to miss a round, email the Grants Officer to be added to the Connect Well Grants mailing list.

For details of current grants awarded see the links below:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Further information and assistance

Briefing and networking sessions are organised as each round is opened. We strongly recommend that you attend one of these sessions if you are thinking of applying. Email the grants officer to be added to the Connect Well Grants mailing list to ensure that you receive an invite to these sessions.

For more information, and to be added to the Connect Well social prescribing grants mailing list, contact the Grants Officer, Jane Thompson.

Jane Thompson. Grants Officer <a href="mailto:Jane.Thompson@nbforum.org.uk">Jane.Thompson@nbforum.org.uk</a>

Jane Thompson Grants Officer