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Connect Well Social Prescribing Grants. Round 1 

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Round 1: Prevention and Early Intervention


Sight Support was awarded funding to run AdvEyes. AdvEYES Service will offer a personalised support service where advice can be given on a variety of topics ranging from specialist equipment to support and assistance on benefit entitlement and accessing appropriate benefits and care packages. Ongoing practical and emotional support will be also provided to those suffering from mental health challenges resulting from a diagnosis of sight loss and/or associated ill health.

Project start: 2/4/2018         Project end:  31/3/2020

For further information contact: Alison Stannard  on 01482 342297 or AlisonS@sightsupport.org

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Brain Fit

Movement2Music was awarded funding to run Brain Fit. Movement2Music has received funding to run six eight-week Brainfit courses in the North, East and West of the city. The BrainFit workout is a stress reducing positivity workout utilising movement, music and meditation with powerful affirmations.

Project start: 2/04/2018       Project end: 2/10/2018

For further information contact: Louisa Ingleson 07500889704 or movement2music@yahoo.com


Community Support Project

Hessle Road Network was awarded funding to run Community Support Project. Little Tiddlers: We have been supporting an increasing number of young parents who we recognised as having a range of issues such as depression, involvement in abusive relationships, substance misuse, housing issues, isolation and unemployment.  And a weekly community involvement session.we will provide food parcels to people in need during a weekly session at which we will also provide a range of  additional support such as access to information around benefits and practical support around cooking healthy meals on a low income.

Project start: 1/4/2018         Project end: 31/3/2021

For further information contact: Jo Atkinson 01482 606077 or jo.atkinsonhrn@gmail.com

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Cooking On A Budget Sessions

Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd was awarded funding to run Cooking On A Budget Sessions. Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd has received funding to run cooking sessions where participants will learn to cook budget friendly meals from simple ingredients in a group setting. The aim of the sessions is to get participants from various backgrounds and needs working together and helping each other while learning to cook a wide range of meals from scratch. The criteria being that meals need only one pot, take 30 minutes or fewer to cook and being able to serve up to 4 people for no more than £5. The project aims to encourage and develop cooking skills alongside helping to improve self confidence and beginning friendship groups as well as helping people enjoy better long term health by giving them skills to provide a healthy balanced diet for them and their families.

Project start:  1/05/2018    Project end: 30/04/2019

For further information contact: Andy Rees 01482 709810/01482 710177 or Andrew.Rees@freedomcentre.info

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Food for Thought

Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust was awarded funding to run Food for Thought. Food for Thought and Get Fit With The Robins offering two weekly fitness sessions, one targeted at people with a BMI over 28 with access to nutritionist advice, plus outreach into schools where 60% of children are on free school meals, youth services, and other community organisations.

Project start: 19/3/2018         Project end:18/03/2019

For further information contact: Amelia Southern 01482 780908 or Amelia.Southern@hullkr.co.uk


Hull Live At Home Scheme

MHA Live At Home Hull was awarded funding to run Hull Live At Home Scheme. a range of healthy lunch clubs and expand service provision to focus on fitness, exercise and other social activities with a particular focus on supporting people recovering from a period of ill health/a hospital stay to build and retain resilience against further illness/falls. This new service will include a team of volunteers who will motivate and encourage older people to access our fitness, exercise and social activity programme.

Project start: 1/4/2018         Project end: 31/3/2020

For further information contact: Alan Precious 01482 561211 or Alan.Precious@mha.org.uk

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The Health Farm Project

East Hull Community Farm was awarded funding to run The Health Farm Project. East Hull Community Farm has received funding to offer opportunities for people to be referred onto a programme of activity designed to give them a range of experiences that will have a positive effect on their health and wellbeing. There is significant evidence of the beneficial effects of working outdoors, growing and harvesting food, and being close to nature and animals, and this proposal builds upon the farm’s experience of delivering these benefits.

Project start: 1/4/2018       Project end: 30/9/2019

For further information contact: Colin Dixon 01482 783990 or Colin@ehcfarm.org

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Hospice Neighbours

Dove House Hospice was awarded funding to run Hospice Neighbours, to provide non-medical care, which will be tailored to individual needs, reflecting the person centred and holistic ethos of the care provided by the hospice.   They will give support with tasks people may be struggling with, such as shopping (or perhaps teaching them how to order groceries online), taking the dog for a walk, hanging the washing out or accompanying them to appointments. Led by the VC, Neighbours will also introduce patients to activity groups they may be interested in.

Project start: 1/10/2018       Project end: 31/12/2019

For further information contact: Chloe Bennett 01482 785709 or c.bennett@dovehouse.org.uk

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Men’s Weekly Luncheon Club with Carers Support Facility

Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group was awarded funding to run Men’s Weekly Luncheon Club with Carers Support Facility, a men’s group, supporting isolated older men, 80% of whom have dementia. Carers are also invited to attend and receive support while taking a break from caring. We offer a two course freshly cooked meal and a programme of activities which are chosen by the members themselves and include board games, indoor sports, visits from animal experience organisations, circus skills, glass engraving, wood working, arts and crafts and music.

Project start: 1/7/2018         Project end: 30/6/2019

For further information contact: June Cooke 07821519212 or butterfliesmlsg@yahoo.co.uk

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My Guide

Guide Dogs for the Blind was awarded funding to run My Guide. Guide Dogs for the Blind has received funding for the My Guide (MG) service which equips volunteers with the skills to become a sighted-guide and help people with sight loss get out of their homes and back into the community. Taking an holistic approach, the service creates a ‘Partnership’ between sighted-guide and visually-impaired service-user, enabling them to get out of their home to shops and social activities, and to reconnect with their community, increasing confidence and independence and reducing loneliness and isolation.

Project start: 1/4/2018         Project end: 31/3/2020

For further information contact: Suzanne Allott 0118 983 8753 or Suzanne.allott@guidedogs.org.ok


Sociable Eating Plus for North and East Hull

Autism Plus Limited was awarded funding to run Sociable Eating Plus for North and East Hull. Lunch clubs/meals on wheels/home visits for 10 sessions a week at two lunch clubs.

Project start: 1/4/2018         Project end: 31/3/2019

For further information contact: Graham White 01482 795700/ 07854249337 or ingsplus@autismplus.co.uk

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Social Growing

Rooted in Hull was awarded funding to run Social Growing. We will employ an onsite volunteer co-ordinator for thirty sessions between April and March to encourage, support and teach volunteers attending site. Each session will be three hours of practical work, plus 45 minutes for preparation and clear up. There will be a range of activities offered, depending on the season, which will be tailored to volunteers’ level of physical ability and knowledge. Sessions will be outdoor or in polytunnels and include physical activity, learning, and a time to chat over refreshments – building social capital. Volunteers will help with planting, nurturing and harvesting from our raised beds. They will grow salad crops, unusual vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, mushrooms and wild flowers. The coordinator will generate a passion in the volunteers for growing, harvesting and cooking.  As their knowledge grows, it will lead them to make improved decisions about their diet.

Project start: 1/4/2018         Project end: 31/3/2019

For further information contact: John Hallaway or Adrian Fisher 07552423716

john@rootedinhull.org.uk           adrian@rootedinhull.org.uk

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Training for carers

Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group was awarded funding to run Training for carers. We will hold a monthly daytime workshop for carers to attend with the person they care for offering training to include coping strategies, communication, help with unusual behaviour, meaningful activities, sundowning, safety and dementia friendly environment it the home, how to find more help

Project start: 1/6/2018       Project end: 31/5/2019

For further information contact: June Cooke 07821519212 or butterfliesmlsg@yahoo.co.uk

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Zumba Gold

Inner Vibe Dance Company was awarded funding to run Zumba Gold. Zumba Gold is a dance fitness programme for all which can be done standing or seated. Keeping fit in a fun environment each week gives each individual an aim/goal on a weekly basis, encouraging less use of GPs and other NHS services ie. A & E,Care / Residential homes. Keeping fit by dancing has proved to uplift the mind and spirit and having a greater feeling of wellbeing

Project start: 9/4/2018         Project end: 8/4/2019

For further information contact Patricia Rimmer patriciarimmer@hotmail.co.uk

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