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Deadline 31st August

Common Call is a grant fund powered by Do it Now Now.(opens in a new tab) Do it Now Now is an open innovation organisation driven by the desire to bring social empowerment to Black communities across the globe. We bring charities, social entrepreneurs, startup teams, social innovators, investors, and philanthropists together to address social challenges, solve problems and support the development of under-represented groups and Black communities specifically.

The Common Call COVID Fund is specifically aimed at supporting Black-led social enterprises and charities so that they are able to survive and even thrive in the COVID period.

They are providing grants between £1K and £3K to UK based organisations led by people that identify as Black or Mixed with Black. They are specifically looking for organisations that are creating impact in deprived communities and providing services to people that have been adversely affected by the COVID crisis in terms of physical health, mental health and/or financially. Your beneficiaries should primarily be people that identify as Black or Mixed with Black.

You can find full information here (opens in a new tab)

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