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Civil Society Futures inquiry – 1 year on

By May 10, 2018National News

Twelve months into the Civil Society Futures inquiry into the future of civil society in England, they have heard from over 1,500 people so far — what have they said?

Civil society really matters – it is a valuable and essential part of our daily lives, bringing people together, building their confidence and capability, offering a helping hand to those in crisis, delivering services, challenging injustice.

But our generation is facing new challenges. More impersonal and more divided, we face the possibility of an ‘us and them’ future. Inequality… racial tensions… robots replacing humans…. ignored by government… many feel powerless, they have little control over the future – and are losing trust in big institutions, including charities.

And yet there is enormous possibility – civil society can and must respond.

Its big role in the coming years is to generate a radical and creative shift which puts power in the hands of people and communities, connecting us better and humanising the future.

You can find out more and take part in the discussion here

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