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Charity Retail Association fears Charity Commission guidance could spell trouble for charity shops

By June 4, 2018National News

Guidance proposed by the Charity Commission says charities should consider whether connected companies should keep the same name and branding as the parent organisations

The Charity Retail Association has expressed fears that charities running charity shops through connected companies could be forced to rebrand them because of proposed new guidance from the Charity Commission.

The commission opened a consultation in February about new guidance for charities that are connected with non-charitable organisations. The consultation ended earlier this month.

In a section of the guidance considering risks to charities’ reputations posed by their subsidiaries, the commission suggests that charities consider whether a connected company should keep the same name and branding as its parent charity.

“Consider the impact of the charity and non-charitable organisation sharing the same name and branding, and if it is difficult to easily distinguish which is the charity and which is the non-charitable organisation,” the guidance says.

“The public must be clear whether they are being approached by, and giving to, the charity or the non-charitable organisation. They must understand that these are separate organisations.”

The guidance says that the identity of a charity “should always be clear and separate from the connected non-charitable organisation” so as not to confuse supporters and the general public.

You can read the Charity Retail Association response to the consultation here

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