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Charity Commission to establish safeguarding taskforce

By February 20, 2018National News

The Charity Commission will set up a taskforce to handle a surge in safeguarding reports after the Oxfam crisis, the regulator has announced.

The taskforce, which will be made up of staff from across the Charity Commission, will also do proactive work to ensure safeguarding incidents are promptly and fully reported to the regulator, and will provide advice to charities.

The commission said that its taskforce would also carry out a “deep dive” of existing serious incident reports to ensure that they have been followed up properly, and will seek advice from independent safeguarding experts.

Charity Commission will also hold a summit on safeguarding in UK to accompany one for international charities which was announced by the Department for International Development last week.

The summit, to be co-chaired by Tracey Crouch, minister for civil society, is one of several measures announced by the regulator to ensure charities put sufficient focus on protecting beneficiaries and other vulnerable people their staff and volunteers come into contact with.

The Commission said both summits would:

  • Establish a shared understanding of the safeguarding challenges facing charities working in the UK and emphasise the importance of maintaining public trust in the sector
  • Hear the sector’s ideas for solutions and what actions they are taking and will take
  • Agree and commit to actions jointly and individually to strengthen the safeguarding capability and capacity of charities working across the UK

Both summits will involve charity regulators in Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure a coordinated approach across borders.

The new Commission task force will:

  • Deal with a significant increase in safeguarding incidents being reported to the regulator
  • Do proactive work to promote the reporting of safeguarding incidents
  • Give advice to charities reporting serious incidents
  • Study existing reports to identify gaps in disclosure

For more information go to the Government website

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