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Charity automatic disqualification rules: changes to the law

By August 1, 2018National News

The rules about automatic disqualification for trustees have changed, with effect from 1st August 2018. More reasons have been added and the rules will also apply to some charity senior manager positions (chief executives and finance directors – and those in equivalent roles).

New reasons for disqualification include being in contempt of court, being named under particular anti-terrorism legislation or being on the sex offenders register.


If you’re a trustee or senior manager (at CEO or finance director level) at a charity, check that you’re not going to be disqualified by reading the guidance for individuals.


Make sure you read the guidance for charities to help you understand what is changing. This guide also includes a handy disqualifying reasons table that you can download.

Ask your trustees to check that they won’t be affected by these changes. Senior managers (at chief executive or finance director level) should also check if the disqualification law will affect them from 1 August.

The Charity Commission has produced sample declarations for senior managers and trustees to state that they won’t be disqualified from acting in these positions after the 1 August. You can download these from the preparing for the rule changes section of the charity guidance.


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