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Changes to Sport England’s small grants application process

The approach to Small Grants has changed – Sport England want to make applying for funding as simple as possible and for the Small Grants programme to have the greatest possible impact in communities across England, in line with their strategy.

The application form should now be easier to complete and they have relaxed a few rules about what they cannot fund. The focus of your application should be what difference your project will make, not what you purchase to make it happen.

For example, it will no longer matter if your project takes more than 12 months to deliver, and you can spread your funding over three years, if required. They will also be happy to contribute funding to bigger projects. Please read the new guide for more information.

If you think these changes might affect how you plan your project, or whether it is eligible for a Small Grant, you can contact them on funding@sportengland.org or call  0345 850 8508 – their helpline is now open from 8am-8pm on weekdays.

Sport England will also be doing more to support organisations who traditionally do not seek funding from them, but who are able to support inactive people become active.

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