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Care Homes for the elderly – draft consumer law advice

By June 14, 2018Consultations

Deadline 12th July

The Government is inviting views on draft CMA advice for providers of residential and nursing care homes for people in the UK over 65 (‘care homes’) on their consumer law obligations.

The purpose of the advice is to help care homes understand and comply with their obligations under consumer law.

The CMA invites interested parties to respond to the questions in Section 2 of the consultation document. The consultation will be of interest to:

  • care homes and their representative bodies
  • enforcers of consumer law such as local authority Trading Standards Services
  • sector regulators
  • charities representing the elderly
  • consumer groups
  • local authorities and other funding bodies
  • relevant Ombudsmen
  • government departments
  • care home residents and their representatives

The CMA plans to publish a final version of the advice, taking into account comments received, together with an anonymised summary of responses that fall within the scope of the consultation, in Autumn 2018.

Separate to this consultation, the CMA has already consulted on draft advice on the charging of fees after the death of a resident. The final advice was published on 31 May 2018. That advice is not part of the current consultation, but will be incorporated into this advice once finalised

You can read the draft advice and comment here

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