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By deeds and their results: strengthening our communities and nation

By August 6, 2019National News

This framework sets out Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG’s) vision for stronger communities, why communities matter, what strong communities look like, and what government and partners can do to support their creation.

It sets out 4 pillars that it thinks will shape the future work across government to strengthen communities, focused on supporting:

  • trust, connectedness and local pride – where people feel a sense of pride and connectedness with their local area
  • active citizenship and local control – where people are active in their communities and have more control over decisions about their local areas
  • shared community spaces - where sustainably-run and inclusive spaces are available for people to come together, including parks, community centres, libraries, pubs, and high streets
  • shared prosperity, with no community left behind – where strong communities help create a thriving and inclusive economy 

For more information go to the Government website


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