This section is for groups or organisations who want to develop in some way – this might be putting together a constitution, gaining charitable status or writing a business plan. It also contains information for groups and organisations who want to develop new services, or who have been told that they need certain structures in place in order to increase their chances of getting funding

UK Government support

Hull CVS

Hull CVS are there to support the sustainable development of voluntary and community groups and volunteering in order to promote justice, equality and improved quality of life. With aims of bringing organisations together to share information and good practice, enabling the sector to work more effectively to provide services which help established organisations and groups to do their work to maximum effect.

Their advice and support is free. Hull CVS charge for their membership which is an annual fee of £10.


CERT specialises in job creation, training and regeneration projects that deliver sustainable improvements to the local economy. CERT innovates, manages and delivers effective social regeneration and economic development solutions that create jobs, encourage new enterprise and develop new skills within individuals and communities.