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Biffa Natural Environment projects

Deadline 2nd July

The Natural Environment theme aims to restore or improve the natural environment; land purchase may be considered in some circumstances. Projects must be working to Biodiversity 2020 (Pdf): A strategy for England’s Wildlife and ecosystem services Section 3; its successor, as agreed in the 25 year plan; or a Local Biodiversity Action Plan target. Research will not be funded.

The theme supports a variety of living things and includes all species of plants and animals and the natural systems (or habitats) that support them. It is important that they are protected and that the environment can adapt to threats such as climate change. They will ask you to submit a list of habitat types and species being conserved or protected through project delivery. If considered, projects invited forward for land purchase must be able to demonstrate the benefits to biodiversity as well as other previously mentioned considerations defined above, including legal stipulations and value for money. Projects which fall within this description will be registered under the ENTRUST category DA.  

They will give preference to projects under this theme that have a strong element of public access or inclusion, such as volunteer involvement.

Expression of Interest deadline is 02 July 2018 12 noon

Full application deadline is 14 September 2018 12 noon

Funds available: £250,000 – £750,000

For more information go to the Biffa website

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