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Biffa Award – Rebuilding Biodiversity

Projects under the Rebuilding Biodiversity theme support a variety of living things, including all species of plants and animals and the natural systems/habitats that support them. Work can include habitat improvement works, tree surgery, scrub removal, and the purchase of plants, seeds and trees. Unfortunately, research costs cannot be funded. Ideally projects will have a strong element of public access or inclusion such as volunteer involvement.

To be eligible for funding projects must:

  • Be located within 15 miles of a significant Biffa operation.
  • Ensure that the majority of costs should be direct capital delivery work.
  • Ensure that staff costs do not exceed 7.5% of the deliverable capital elements.
  • Lead to a direct improvement to a habitat or species.
  • Have specific targets in relation to a Biodiversity Action Plan and deliver a direct improvement to habitats and/or species.
  • Have a management plan in place for the key species / habitat(s) involved.
  • Be open for a minimum of 104 days of full public access each year.
  • Have a signed landowner agreement in place agreeing to access for maintenance, surveying and monitoring for a period of not less than eight years from completion of the project.

There is a two-stage application process.

For more information go to Biffa (opens in a new tab)


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