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Beyond ‘us’ and ‘them’: societal cohesion in the context of COVID-19

By August 25, 2020National News

Belong is pleased to be working in partnership with the University of Kent’s Centre for the Study of Group Processes on this research project funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Many communities have responded to the Covid-19 crisis with prosocial behaviour, as neighbours organise for mutual support to help the vulnerable. At the same time it is clear that the impact of Covid-19 is different for different groups and communities.

This study is seeking to understand factors that promote or inhibit social cooperation, that mobilise or discourage action in support of others, and that build or undermine the potential for positive relationships between different groups in society.

Understanding the social and psychological processes in responses to the pandemic will support policy to build resilience and recovery in local areas as the crisis proceeds and recedes.

For more information go to the Belong website

You can read the interim report as an online pdf here

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